AML has been specializing in FOB deliveries for their non-Belgian clients since many years now. We see ourselves as their eyes & ears in the port. We all know that in shipping things sometimes don’t go as they should go so what our clients cannot see, cannot control, cannot solve, we will solve for them.

We are the troubleshooter, the point of contact towards agencies, terminals, tallymen, foremen, customs, surveyors, hauliers, truck drivers or any other party of the endless list of involved companies in the logistics chain.

Doing that, we always mind the most important thing of all: we defend our client’s interests. The cherry on the cake: we perform this at highly competitive rates as the volumes we handle just give us that edge….


One of the main services we deliver is warehousing, stuffing/stripping for all kinds of commodities: steel coils, ingots, pipes, cable reels, huge cased machinery, unpacked machines… We have the know-how and also know the carrier’s reflections on how containers must be stuffed & lashed.
As our warehouses offer depot services to several reputable containercarriers, we can easily access and even switch import with export containers or vice versa, both standard and special equipment.

Since July 1st, we also offer VGM solutions with own certified weighing devices resulting in proper VGM certificates.
All our warehouses / depots are connected to inner waterways & railtracks. All of them are bonded.

At one of our terminals, we can perform fumigation as one of the few in the Antwerp port area. Several methods are possible for various commodities like e.g. sulphuryl difluoride for logs, heat treatment for other commodities,… Certificates to perform these activities are in place and surveyed by the Port of Antwerp Authority.

Fumigation is not limited to hours: it’s performed 24/7 to avoid loss of valuable time and act flexible keeping in mind the vessels’ closing dates.


We can count on several strong and flexible packaging partners which are specialized in industrial packaging, keeping in mind the commodities and requirements for ocean-carriage.

Do you want to fix tilt detectors or shock recorders to your valuable cargo? We can take care of it too. Shipping marks are compulsory so those belong already to the standard package.


Besides the classic transport modes such as road & rail transport, we also offer barge services or transport by pontoon. From a forwarder almost purely focused on local port handling, AML further developed in offering these additional services to our forwarding clientele. This happens often in combination with other operations we perform in the port and connected import/export ocean carriage or barge transport, so it can be called just “another” multimodal solution.

With our in-house expertise in the barging operator market and infrastructure restrictions combined with each country’s barging laws we assist our clients with solutions on all European waterways. Amongst them, transport on the Rhine / Main Donau / Donau, Neckar, Mosel, Elbe and all further side rivers as well as the Belgian, Dutch and French inland waterways. Even Romania is brought closer to Antwerp with this transport mode.


No matter what your requirements are, we will commit to the results you expect for your urgent & precious cargo deliveries, to and from all Belgian airports.

There are no restrictions relating to volume and weight, we can go from 1 kilo to 250 tonnes, to and from any airport worldwide.


Obviously, not all cargoes can be shipped the “typical” way. RO/RO vessels with static cargoes can be a reliable solution for out of gauge pieces and/or heavy lifts.

A wide range of mafi-types can be offered, so the proper equipment will be used, adapted to the characteristics of the commodity involved.


We are dealing with a precious variety of shipowners and operators and are committed in providing a first-class service for you.

AML do not only negotiate and find the perfect vessel in position at the best freight and but also render added value that goes with booking seafreight or chartering vessels: Negotiating demurrage/detention rates and periods, free times, dispatch, loading/discharge conditions as per customs of the port… All in order to reach the highest level of client satisfaction.

We have been successful over the years in chartering coaster, deep-sea and heavy lift vessels for a number of well known (project) forwarding companies by finding spot solutions at the right time on the right place at the right ocean freight.


A wide range of documents and formalities are required for all the activities that we offer, such as:

  • Import/export documentation
  • Transit formalities
  • Import/export licenses
  • VAT bookkeeping
  • Fiscal representation/intrastat
  • Rules resulting from embargoes
  • Documentary credit
  • EUR 1 / certificates of origin / ATR
  • Legalization of documents at the Chamber of Commerce or Embassies

Obviously, these formalities do not form any obstacle at all and are dealt with swiftly.


Besides all other classical services, we also offer added value services such as:

  • Facilities for cutting/slitting steel coils
  • Surveys & method statements for heavy lifts in function of all relevant criteria such as vessel’s gear / vessel’s general arrangement / lifting capacities / lifting plans.
  • Construction of steel / wood cradles and/or supporting systems and/or weight spread arrangements (for e.g. cable drums or pieces with heavy weight on limited surface)
  • Autocad drawings & studies in order to prepare lifting & transportation arrangements.